God Ceases to be Original

God was a one of after all he created the earth in seven days. Robbie Fowler was a god, as was Ian Wright depending on which club you supported. That was when both were in their heyday.

By the time Fowler arrived at Cardiff and then Australia his celestial performances had become miracle moments. He still has a quality that is greater than a large number of players in the Hyundai A league, and thinks faster than those around him, that is what comes from being that good that the toughest fans to please in England put you on the highest pedestal there is.

It is however becoming incredibly tiresome that so many media outlets whenever they run a story on the Perth Glory have to weave in the God reference. Surely there is a chance to be a little more original than wheeling out a line that has been used over and over again. No wonder Julia Gillard said she was an atheist!

Seriously it must be wearing thin for Fowler too, but he is far too polite to say so. Maybe I am being over sensitive, but fine when he first signed and maybe fine when he winds back the clock and produces that sublime piece of skill to create or score a goal, but every time he walks on the pitch or ties his shoe laces? Give us a break.

God Ceases to be Original
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One thought on “God Ceases to be Original

  • August 17, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Totally agree, it has become so boring but shows the standard of sports journalists in Australia, especialy those who only pay lip service to football.
    Talking of lip service, why was this game not broadcast on 6PR – the Officail broadcaster? Because the Eagles were on.
    990 did the Glory Youth last season – and you did a great job, a better call than 6PR – so why do the Glory not let you do the games that PR doesn’t want?

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