Glory Players go Missing

Perth Glory bemoans the fact that they struggle to attract members in the numbers of yesteryear, but they have to look at one aspect of that membership.

Sure it was a gut-wrenching draw against the Gold Coast, and no doubt the players were bitterly disappointed at dropping more points in the dying minutes, but once they enter the venue at which they play they have an obligation to their fans and supporters.

After the game in the member’s bar the players were conspicuous by their absence. Interestingly the players from Europe were all in attendance, no doubt aware of their duties, as attending such a function would be compulsory at their former clubs.

These missing players and the club management have to realise that one of the reasons these fans shell out their dollars to become members is to be able to rub shoulders with the players.

On a match day it should be compulsory that they attend the post match function; The only exceptions being if a player is receiving treatment for an injury, a la Tando Velaphi on Sunday.

If, as it would appear the players cannot be trusted to do the right thing by the fans and the club, then I suggest they be treated differently and be made to sign in. Many an everday worker has to clock into work, so why not these players?

This year they have a good squad and good team spirit, but that spirit has to be there off the pitch as well, and the club has to show unity. That was distinctly lacking on Sunday. The interesting aspect being those players who went missing on the park in the second half were the same players to head straight home.

Time for change if you want to grow your fan base Mr Sage.

Glory Players go Missing
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