Glory in State League?

There are a lot of rumours circulating that Perth Glory’s fringe players from last season or those returning from injury may be loaned out to State League clubs in the coming weeks.

The first question is how will this work? A player on a professional contract when loaned out sees his wages paid by the club that is borrowing him. There is no doubt that no State League Club could afford that.

Surely the most sensible option would be to have had these players play for the NTC if they are to get game time in the state league. First of all if they fail to make the first team next season they will be playing with these players in the Glory Youth team. Secondly it would give the NTC side a bit of experience and steel which we believe is currently lacking. It may also mean that they win the odd game.

At present the fact that they are losing every week is taking its toll on some players, one even saying that he is not enjoying his football, which is very sad state of affairs when you are still a teenager.

Then there is the question as to why a state League player should give away his hard-earned spot to a Perth Glory player? Had this been arranged at the end of the A League season and the players sent to train with the clubs they are looking to play for, then it may have sat better with the players.

Inglewood have started playing superbly of late and one has to ask whether if as rumoured Jelic were to join them he might disrupt their current form, no matter how good a player he is.  John Aloisi when signed by the Mariners three seasons ago forced them to change the style they were playing and as a result their form dipped. That is a risk you always take with new players unless you sign similar players.

Many will say that by having these players play in the State League will help increase interest, and boost attendances, yet sadly, we doubt the appearance of these two ageing players, despite their pedigree, will do a great deal on either front. This is not being negative, but simply facing facts, firstly Glory’s profile has slipped so far in this town that it will not be of interest to many, and secondly because one player, unless he is something really special, is unlikely to make a marked difference; that is unless Football West decide to market the league around the two players and promote their appearances. Who knows maybe Football West have leveraged marketing funds from Perth Glory as a pay-off to allow them to play in the league? After all we are told that they have a wonderful working relationship.

We would love to be proved wrong, but fear that once again this has not been thought through properly.

Glory in State League?
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2 thoughts on “Glory in State League?

  • May 18, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    Mintox, we have not said that the Glory or Football West own the clubs. There are however FIFA rules in relation to players on a professional contract going out on loan, which must be followed.

    Again you are quite right that the two clubs can sort this out the financial aspect, Football West handles the registration.

    What would be nice though is as the State League club is in fact doing the Glory a favour marketing leverage is used to gain the league more publicity.

    There are lots of cross over areas between the clubs, and Football West that should be addressed if this is to be a winner for all concerned.

  • May 18, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Wow, this is a bit of a storm in a teacup, last time I checked, the Perth Glory nor Football West owned, or had a say in who the State League teams could and should sign.

    If the Glory make their players available and the State League teams CHOOSE to sign them on loan, then that is no different to them signing any other available player.

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