Getting Shirty

Nike stepped on the toes of rugby fans world wide when they came up with the much talked about alternative rugby strip for England, which was black. Many believing it showed a distinct lack of respect and tradition for the New Zealand “All Blacks” and their instantly recognisable strip. Now they have done it again.

This time with the new shirts for the most supported football club in the world, Manchester United. The advertising is clever promoting Manchester’s rich history in the cotton industry at the time the club was formed in 1878. The slogan says “Forged in Industry made in Manchester,” but it is the actual shirt that has caused the most reaction.

Fans have labelled the chequered patterning, a “tablecloth” and a “tea towel.” With football shirts very much a statement of fashion in the UK have Nike made a grave mistake on this occasion?

That will be reflected in their sales figures but one feels that the fans of United Worldwide will still shell out their money to wear their clubs colours. However it may be fans of other clubs who buy more as they now have the prefect gift that will enable them to do the dishes with a smile on their face!

Getting Shirty
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