Getting it Off, Before Getting it On

It appears that Great Britain’s female athletes are outstripping their male counterparts in more ways than one.

They are currently well ahead in the 2012 Cashpoint stakes with a gold medal being valued in the region of GBP 2 million in terms of sponsorship and endorsements.

World sprint cycling champion Victoria Pendleton is leading the way when it comes to girl power and has apparently been seen in various stages of undress in magazines throughout the UK in the lead up to the games.

Other female Olympic athletes have posed for lingerie calendars and also beauty and health products again showcasing their strong fit bodies.

Queen Vic as Pendleton is known to her cycling team mates, is part of a Hovis bread campaign playing the part of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She also spearheads another campaign for Olympic sponsor P & G alongside heptahlete Jessica Ennis and open water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne where they are labeled Brand ambassadors.

The men are currently well behind in cashing in on the marketability of the Olympics and some say they are also more reserved when it comes to showcasing their assets

Getting it Off, Before Getting it On

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