Game On!

Frequently we criticise Politicians for using sport for their own advantage, but in Britain they are looking to use it for society’s.

Britain like many first world nations ware appear of the rising problem with obesity in your people, courtesy of Playstation and X box games. The battle between Playstation and the playing field was being lost so they decided to try and doe something to change that.

They have also identified how there is a clear lack of administrators of sport and coaches from ethnic minorities in the community. So much so that Football was summoned to a meeting at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to hear what it was doing to encourage people from these communities to be a part of the game.

Take a look at the sport that you follow in Australia and ask is it too doing its part to be inclusive of our multicultural society. Are we doing enough to make sport truly inclusive or are we losing sections of our community who feel ‘left out?” Hopefully our Ministers of Sport Federally and in each State are following the progress being made in Britain and will tweak their advances to suit their communities.

One major success has been the Sport England campaign called “This Girl Can” aimed at getting more everyday women to get involved in sport. The advertisement had over 1 million hits in a week and is now over 6 million. Hopefully it has the desired effect.

Check out the Clip here.

Game On!
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