Fudging the Figures

Football teams have been fictionalizing match day attendances around the world for decades, and it is still going on, even though audits supposedly are now commonplace. “The scanner broke” being one new excuse to surface and avoid and accurate figures being declared.

However we believe that no one could match the discrepancy published by television audience measurement company Kantar Media.

A week ago it was announced that a huge TV audience in China tuned in to watch Real Madrid play when their kick off time was brought forward IN fact the number claimed was 60 million. Kantar Media now claim the number was in fact closer to 1.3 million!

The reason for this massive discrepancy is the match was not shown nationally as was originally thought.

La Liga believe this was encouraging and may well look to change kick off times permanently to cash in on the audiences in China.

These figures though now bring into question the English Premier Leagues claim that their Chinese audience per season is “hundreds of millions.”

What is they say about statistics and damn lies?

Fudging the Figures
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