Friendly Fire?

As many people will know the Olympic host city is granted the possibility of having a competitor in every event, however it appears that Great Britain has returned many of these, even some where ether had a definite chance of collecting a medal.

Britain’s top marksman Mick Gault decided to come out of retirement in the hope of Olympic Gold, but it looks like he will draw a blank. Gault who was awarded the OBE for his haul of 17 medals including nine gold which made him Britain’s most successful Commonwealth Games competitor achieved the qualifying score for the Free Pistol event, but the one position in that category has already been allocated to Devon bar maid 27 year old Georgina Geikie who is by all accounts a hot shot herself.

There is a place available in the Air Pistol event, but Gault does not have the qualifying scores for this event. The irony is if Gault were selected he would be able to compete in both events under Olympic rules. Confused? We know we were.

British Shooting have apparently requested the British Olympic Association if they can return the Air Pistol event “wild card” in return for a discipline in which they have shooters who have achieved the qualifying scores. Should they fail with that request it looks as thought Gault will have the bite the bullet and accept his chances of an Olympic medal are shot.

Friendly Fire?
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