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It has been interesting to read the twitter row between Fox Sports Robbie Slater and SBS Craig Foster, but one has to ask whether this disagreement would not have been better aired in private or in a telephone conversation.

Irrespective of who is wrong or who is right and in truth both are simply airing opinions, which they are both entitled to think are right, it has been an embarrassing public disagreement; One that has once again highlighted how football seems to find ways of shooting itself in the foot.

Had this been an open debate with both stating their views it may not have been so bad and probably would have made good television, although the raking up of an indiscretion when on tour was probably below the belt. What happened to what goes on tour stays on tour?

There is a forum for such debate and sadly the Twitter sphere is not the place.

For the record as someone born in Great Britain I have long had the feeling that SBS has pushed an anti British point of view when it comes to football, and as one former top level player in Australia said, had they been so openly against any other nation there would have been an outcry. The truth is the British show a stiff upper lip and simply roll with the punches, they are used to criticism and abuse, deserved or not. At the end of the day, it is after all only an opinion, albeit it pushed at times a little too strongly for some. If like many from that part of the world you find it biased or offensive, simply don’t watch.

Foster, Slater, Twitter,
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  • January 17, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Glad that I don’t have clue what this is all about!

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