Flying the Flag

If you watched the Perth Glory v Brisbane Roar Hyundai A League clash yesterday on television or live at the stadium, you will have seen owner Tony Sage present the fans with a massive Perth Glory flag that they can unfurl at the start of games as they do in Europe, South America, and Asia.

The flag was opened in the middle of the pitch before kick off and then carried down to ‘the shed’ and passed over the barrier to the supporters who in turn pulled it up to the back of ‘the shed.’ It looked great. However a problem arose, as to what to do next; usually the flags are unfurled down the terraces and then left at the bottom, whereas this had been passed up the terrace. However the fans soon worked it out.

Before the game action on the park had finished Tony Sage had received a ‘please explain’ from the FFA. He had not had permission for such a stunt; he had broached their regulations on passing things over the perimeter fence etcetera.

This was a great gesture, an owner connecting with the fans and once again we see an over officious governing body stepping in and criticising and possibly even fining the man who is paying for the club to exist. Surely the FFA can see that such petty mindedness could turn businessmen like Mr Sage off owning an A league club, and send the wrong message to future owners and investors.

This had to be better than the suggested towel waving that the FFA came up with for all the fans around the country? What was that all about? How many games around the world do fans twirl face-cloth sized towels above their heads?

The Flag was instantly identifiable with the World game. It promoted Perth Glory, it connected the fans with the owner and would have made them feel proud. It was without doubt good for the game!

Well done Tony Sage. Hopefully the fine is waived. Or maybe the fans can send a message to the FFA by clubbing together and paying the fine on behalf of the club?

Flying the Flag
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