Fine Use of Money

A suggestion has come out of the UK that we applaud. Several years ago London Architect Nilesh Patel came up with an idea to highlight racism in football through film. The film was to feature three grandfathers of different nationalities sitting watching an England game and discussing racism as well as age and cultural stereotyping. It was to have a humorous side to it but would address serious issues.

Despite support from the likes of Sir Bobby Charlton and Nick Hornby of Fever Pitch fame, the film was never made. Mr Patel is trying to revive the project and one suggestion out of Fleet Street is that the fines for racial offences in the game, such as Chelsea’s John Terry’s recent GBP200,000 fine should be invested in a project such as this to address racism in football.

We applaud the suggestion and agree this may go some way to stamping it out of the game.

Fine Use of Money
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