Fight to regain Respect

As if professional Boxing was not struggling already for credibility with so many different world titles up for grabs, and a lack of free to air television coverage, now we have the farce over the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather on again off again bout.

Supposedly the fall out is over anti-doping blood testing. Pacquiao not wanting tests less than 30 days out from the bout, Mayweather wanting them randomly in the fighters preparation for the bout.

Surely this should not be an issue, shouldn’t the boxing boards have mandatory testing, and whenever they decide to test as in other sports? Surely tests would be done on the night of the fight and should one fighter fail they other is rightly declared the champion?

Boxing has suffered since the dawn of pay-per-view in terms of interest levels and public interest. This latest little showpiece will not do a lot to enhance the sport.

The professional side of the sport could learn a great deal from the amateur side, who seem to have moved with the times and with World Series Boxing look to have a product that will have credibility and will deliver fight fans one undisputed world champion rather than half a dozen.

Watch the Amateur ranks stocks rise, while the professionals stagnate in the next few years. It is time to unite the bodies, the rules within each Federation/Organisation/Confederation and more importantly of all the titles at each weight.

Fight to regain Respect
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