FFA Bungle Again

It may sound like we are on a witch-hunt when it comes to the FFA, but one expects those running the game to have a certain level of competence, and all we keep witnessing every few weeks are events that confirm that those charged with running the game are in fact failing the game.

A League head Lyall Gorman fobbed off the fiasco in that was the awarding of the Joe Marston Medal to the wrong player following the Hyundai A League Grand Final by saying “It was just a breakdown in communication between the judging panel and the announcer – it was one of those unfortunate incidents.” Sorry Mr Gorman, that is not good enough, on your showcase day that should not happen, and funnily enough has not happened previously.

Apart from being embarrassing to the game as a whole it is extremely unfair on the rightful winner who in this case was Perth Glory’s Jacob Burns. This may be the highest honour Burns ever achieves, and despite knowing he would have swapped the individual honour for the A League trophy – it was cruel to rob him of the moment where his outstanding performance was acknowledged by all in attendance.

The winner ws announced as Brisbane Roar’s Thomas Broich, a darling of the A League, and he stepped forward rather embarrassed to accept the award and the applause. Burns had to settle on being acknowledged away from the public at the post-match press conference underneath the stands in Suncorp stadium.

It was a very sad end to an A League season, that we believe has overall not matched seasons past and has been peppered with FFA blunders. The form of Perth Glory towards the end of the season was one of the few shining lights in a very dull season. Brisbane Roar again shone and set the bar as to the standards others must attain.

Hopefully Perth Glory will acknowledge Burn’s achievement in front of his own fans before the curtain comes down on a season of which the club can be duly proud. It is the least he deserves after his best season to date at the club.

Incidentally rumours that he will be changing his name to “Burnt” are apparently false, although he definitely has due course to do so.

FFA Bungle Again
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