Ferguson Saves the Day

We have been told of late that the relationship between Perth Glory and Football West is the best that it has been for many a year. That relationship was in danger of harm until Perth Glory coach Ian Ferguson stepped in and saved the day.

Several of the All Flags State Premier League’s finalists have players in their squads who have been asked to play for Perth Glory’s Youth team in the National Youth League this season. Coach of the Youth league team Gareth Naven had told these players that he did not want them playing with their state league sides with the Youth league season a month away, and wanted them to be focused on the Youth team training.

Ian Ferguson heard of this move and stepped in. He has advised the clubs that the players may continue to participate in the finals as long as their team’s title hopes are still alive. A move that is definitely for the good of the game.

It is good to see common sense prevail as surely it is better for a young player to be playing games at the highest level in the state against men than merely training? They will have plenty of time for that during the Youth season.


Ferguson Saves the Day
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