Feeding Time? No.

There was much gnashing of teeth as the Perth Glory’s decision to form a relationship with a sole state League club started to unfold. First there was the lack of clarity as to how this relationship was going to work, with it eventually revealed it was a sponsorship deal.

Not the Footy Show hears that it is not just the other State League clubs who are concerned about the arrangement, and the whole issue was raised behind closed doors at Perth Glory recently.

Apparently clarity was sought as to whether Inglewood United was officially being used as a feeder club for Perth Glory. With key personnel in the room greatly concerned that if it was there were players currently wearing Inglewood’s colours who would never be close to being offered an A League contract, and therefore the wrong message was being conveyed to the local community.

It was agreed that Inglewood was not an official feeder club and that the arrangement between the two clubs was beneficial in other ways to both parties.

One would have thought that that would have answered all of the concerns, but it is understood that a request was made that this fact be minuted so that everyone could refer back to it should there be issues in the future to the contrary.

Feeding Time? No.
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