Podcast #33 – Cricketer Greg Dyer, the Super Rugby debacle and Athlete Responsibility

There has been plenty happening in sport in recent weeks and in this podcast we look to try and cover off a few. On this show we have as our guest former Australian Wicketkeeper Greg Dyer. Following Virat Kohl branding

Sport’s Christmas Day Conundrum

Religion is regularly in the news in recent years. In fact it would have to be one of the hottest topics. Yet how many of the population would admit to being devout followers of a religion? Depending on the answer

Podcast #25 – Gridiron, Squash, Kabaddi and so much more…

Time for another Podcast and for this episode we have two fantastic guests. First up we have Phoebe Schecter, American born, yet she had never played Gridiron until she moved to the UK. She is now not only Captain of

Laps Result in Coach Being Sacked

One of the complaints in Australia is that we are over governed. The key problem being that successive governments bring in new laws but rarely repeal old ones. Does the same apply in sport? Hopefully we are not as bad

Uncovering New Games

How many of you have ever heard of Mizo Inchai? No its not a person but a sport. One of the things Not the Footy has always enjoyed is finding obscure sports and featuring them on the show or the

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