Farewell Angelo Dundee

Today the World will farewell a man who was blessed to work with two of the greatest boxers of the last century, Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Angelo Dundee passed away at the age of 90 having attended his former charge Muhammed Ali’s 70th birthday celebrations and will be laid to rest today in Florida.

They say that behind every great boxer is a great trainer. Angelo Dundee worked with the best over a 60 year period and helped his fighters win 15 World championships.

Their partnership began in Louisville, Ali’s hometown, in 1959 and they remained steadfast allies until his retirement. One of the reasons for their success was that Dundee steered well clear of religion and politics, the two greats let the conversation stay on boxing.

Sadly at their last meeting the man who never left the media without a sound byte is now unable to speak due to Parkinson’s disease, and Dundee was virtually stone deaf, but witnesses say the two were still able to communicate.

Dundee made his way to the top the hard way, and never lost his dignity or his sense of humour along the way. It was a privilege to have met him. He will hopefully never be forgotten, if always linked to Leonard and Ali.

Farewell Angelo Dundee
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