Far From Super

I know people in glass houses should never throw stones but we are almost halfway through the Super Rugby season and my ears cannot stand it anymore. A year ago on this site we conducted a poll on the commentary teams from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia on the Super Rugby, and it did not come as great surprise that Australia came last.

At the weekend if you tuned in you would probably have witnessed some great examples in how not to broadcast. As well as a truly dreadful post match interviews carried out by former Wallaby Brendan Cannon after the Force game.

The great George Gruljusich did not belief in the modern trend of ex players moving straight from the field of play to the broadcast box, and would be turning in his grave as it becomes the trend in rugby union; in the main their ex players tend to be smarter than those from other sports, but that does not mean they will all deliver quality. Kafer, Kearns and Horan do all offer insight to the game as well as a touch of humour, but Greg Martin simply loves the sound of his own voice and will never make a caller. Main caller Greg Clark is being drowned out by too many experts and has now developed this clichéd “Over” whenever a try is scored or a kick goes between the posts. This is really becoming annoying, rather than a catchphrase.

Brendan Cannon is a clever guy, but to preface every question in your post match interview with ‘mate’ is simply amateur. Maybe he can be convinced to donate $50 to charity whenever he uses it in an interview from here on in.

It may be too late to change for this season, but look at the other broadcasters and see how they do it, and please try and follow their lead in 2012

Far From Super
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2 thoughts on “Far From Super

  • April 5, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Thanks as always All White. I believe the South African guys to be the best too.
    Valid point re the newsreaders, had never thought of that, maybe I should put my hand up?

  • April 4, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    I agree the coverage this year is dreadful, Greg Clark hardly gets a word in with Greg Martin always talking over everyone. Th eSouth African commentary is by far the best, and they have both passion and knowledge. With the Aussie one its jobs for the boys and no passion that is genuine, it is all fake, especially his “Over!”

    Fox in general is heading that way with ex players and news readers now covering sport, do you see the sports commentators reading news? If they didn’t have the premier league Fox would be dead.

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