Embarrassing Finals

For years fans of the round ball game have laughed at fans of the ‘sport we do not mention’ and the fact that in a 16-team league you only have to finish halfway in the league to make the finals. Now the powers that be at the AFL have made it even easier in our beloved sport. The only rider we have is the CEO is an ex AFL man so he would not know better!

In the newly expanded Hyundai A league for 2009/10 the team that finishes 6th in the 10 team league will earn a finals berth, talk about rewarding mediocrity! Although as one coach said it gives you a bit more of a chance to save your job, as you should make the top six!

Embarrassing Finals
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One thought on “Embarrassing Finals

  • May 3, 2009 at 11:01 am

    i would of liked to have seen a top 5 with perhaps the top team having a bye in the first round of finals.

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