Elementary My Dear Watson

We have stated previously on the show that we are not fans of the Allan Border medal, as it is such a small pool of individuals who can win the award, that it receives far too much coverage than it warrants. That said we would like to acknowledge the achievements of Shane Watson.

For years he was billed as Australia’s next great all rounder, and was struck down by injury, but since opening the batting has been a born again cricketer. A test century still eludes him and he will sadly never be given the recognition his efforts deserve until he manages to pass this milestone.

For Shane Watson to win by 100 votes from Mike Hussey, is a remarkable achievement and shows how much these two carried the team in recent tests. He also picked up the Test player of the year award, which he thoroughly deserved. The big surprise was that Mitchell Johnson came second, and beat Mike Hussey; Mr Consistency beaten by Mr Erratic.

Watson also picked deservedly the ODI Player of the year, and came second in the T20 by two votes from David Hussey.

A true champion stands up when the chips are down, and Watson has shown that he has the right stuff to be classed as a champion.

Elementary My Dear Watson
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