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F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone may be extremely wealthy but it does not mean that he always engages his brain before opening his mouth.

Back in April this year he whipped up a storm with his sexist comments in relation to female drivers. (Bloody Ec)

Then there was the time that he showed complete insensitivity and described Adolf Hitler as someone who was “able to get things done.”

Now he has supported another dictator FIFA’s currently suspended President Sepp Blatter. He described the corruption that has beset football and embroiled its leaders in a long running scandal as “a tax football has to pay.”

He may be a billionaire, and he may also have complete control over F1 but he certainly has very little credibility when he comes out with such outrageous comments. What is worrying is the regularity of such comments. The best thing to do is ignore them as the ramblings of an old man.

Ec-Cetera Ec-Cetera
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