Dummy Spit Deluxe

If you missed it, British Paracyclist Jody Cundy launched one of the biggest dummy spits in Olympic and Paralympic histry yesterday and did little to dispel the myth of the ‘whingeing pom.’ He also did little to enhance the reputation of the stiff upper lip of which the British are so proud.

The pre-race favourite in the 1KM time trial screamed at officials and his coaches, hurled bottle of water and had to be led away by team mates while his girlfriend ran away in tears.

He committed a false start and the officials rejected please by the British team to watch video replays to allow him a second chance.

“It feels like someone has died” he said apologetically later, “they haven’t. I’ve just missed a bike race.”

He may have but rest assured he will be remembered for the race he missed for many years to come rather than his victories, having won gold in the same event in Beijing in 2008, as well as three gold and two silver in swimming between 1996 and 2004.

Dummy Spit Deluxe
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