Double Trouble, and More!

Rugby players are renowned for liking a drink after a game. They are also known to take the odd blow to the head, both events which can lead to them seeing double. Which made recent events in South Africa hard to believe.

Oostelike Eagles junior rugby team by all accounts look like pretty much any other junior rugby side, with tackling drills, passing and line outs resulting in mayhem. Yet for the coach it is even harder to pinpoint who is to blame for the confusion, as the side boasts five sets of twins in its squad!

The team based in Pretoria play in an informal league and this, their newest team started playing this year. Two pairs of twins are identical, and two pairs are non-identical. The third pair sees Francois Viljoen’s sister Zancha employed as the team’s water carrier on match days, but she is more than happy to join in with the sprints.

According to coach Neels Goossen “It’s very difficult, the identical twins you can’t see them apart. The ones are “Twins” because I don’t know what their names are. I cannot identify them. And the other ones I call by their surname ‘Minny.’ If I shout ‘Minny’ both of them jump and if I shout ‘twins’ both of them will jump up.

Word is even their team mates sometimes get it wrong, as for the opposition, they are totally confused.


Double Trouble, and More!
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