Don’t Beam Me Up Scotty!

In case you missed it one Australian at the Vancouver Winter Olympics you did not want to be beamed up was 15 Year Old Scotty James. He may not have reached the stars just yet, but he showed that he has his feet firmly planted on the ground.

He was only made aware of his selection for the Winter Olympics two weeks before the games started. He then fractured his wrist in practise, but still lined up for the men’s half-pipe snowboarding event. On his first run, he stacked it. So he had to take a conservative approach with his second to make the final 18 for the final. Despite a remarkable performance he ended up 21st.

All pretty remarkable for a fifteen year old in his first Olympics. But then again his coach is a man who appears to be a great mentor, Ben Bright, coach and brother of female gold medallist Torah.

Scotty, you looked like you enjoyed yourself, which is what it is all about, and you did Australia proud on and off the snow. See you in four years!

Don’t Beam Me Up Scotty!

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