Does the buck stop here?

The word is that Football West CEO Garry Chandler has been told that if the not for profit organisation is not in the black at the end of their financial year, which ends in October, he could find that his contract will not be renewed.

Some would say that this is fair and just and that the CEO of any organisation needs to be made accountable, which is a statement with which we concur.

However there are issues that need to be taken into account, and the big one at this present time has to be the economic climate.

Football West have not been helped in the past by a relationship with Perth Glory that has not seen a united front and a strategic plan to assist both the game and the club. Hopefully with a new regime at Perth Glory this may eventuate.

Football West is also hampered by a structure that was created when they were created five years ago. The organisation and the game have evolved, yet the structure has not. Yet with not enough staff to manage the State League, Women’s, amateur, junior, NTC, Perth Glory Women, Futsal, Referees and beach football, it is hard to see when a restructure can be implemented and by whom.

Therefore the question has to be raised should the board of Football West take on some of the responsibility? Should they not be using their influence around town to assist the CEO and ensure that he is successful? As after all he is an extension of them.

Either way the last thing that Football needs in WA is what has just happened to the NBL.

Does the buck stop here?
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