Do You Care?

I came across a flyer for a lunch yesterday that stated that one of the speakers had been a professional footballer with a club in England. On checking it transpired that he was an apprentice at the club, played for the youth team, but never received a first team contract.

Now we have raised this issue before, when should you be allowed to say you played for a well known professional sporting club? Does playing for a youth team count, when you consider less than 35% go on and gain a career in professional sport?

The big question is why do so many people around Perth make these claims which can so easily be checked?

Does this apply to many sports  or just a few?

Maybe we care more than most, that is why we would like to hear from you as to whether you think this should be policed a litle closer, especially if such information is being used for personal advancement.

Do You Care?
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One thought on “Do You Care?

  • April 20, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Yes should be policed. This claim whilst correct that in that he played for a professional club – he has a responsibility to state in what capacity.

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