Defender Saves the Day

Another good  news story brought to our attention by our producer Mitch was Lazio defender Luciano Zauri rescuing the grand-daughter of Poland’s Football Association President, Zbigniew Boniek from a well that she fell into at a restaurant in Rome.

Apparently the beam covering the well gave way as the seven year old was taking a look in the mirror of the bathroom at Ponte Milvio and she plummeted down four metres. Zauri who was also at the restaurant, it has been reported was lowered down the well to rescue the girl. She was then taken to hospital with minor bruises.

The daughter’s father is former Italian tennis player Vincenzo Santopadre and her mother is Karolina Boniek, the daughter of Poland’s former great footballer who played for Juventus and Roma.

You could say alls well that ends well.

Defender Saves the Day
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