Deaths Expected to Result in Ban

Indonesian football is walking a tightrope at the present time, and many predict FIFA to intervene in the next few weeks and suspend it from International football and even from FIFA itself.

With the world’s attention on the European Championships this could be the ideal time for FIFA to step in and suspend Indonesia, as it would be a move that would be lost in the columns written about the tournament in Poland and Ukraine; Therefore avoiding negative publicity for the games governing body.

FIFA has long had concerns over corruption allegations within the game in Indonesia. They have also not been impressed with the ongoing leadership tussle of the PSSI, the body running football. The country was also at the centre of a match-fixing investigation into their 10-0 World Cup qualifying loss to Bahrain in February.

What has now intensified the pressure on Indonesia is the death of three fans at the rebel league, Super Liga’s fixture between Persija Jakarta and Persib Bandung at Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno Stadium last weekend.The same stadium where two fans died in November.

FIFA told the PSSI to rein in the Super Liga, after the November incident, but now the fact that those running the Super Liga have publicly stated that they cannot be held responsible for the rioting at the game, it is expected that the game’s governing body will feel this is the final straw and a decision will be made on June 15.

Super Liga official Syahril Taher has been quoted as saying “We organised the match but we will only say if it’s proven that they were fighting over football.

This could unfortunately have ramifications on the Australian players currently earning a living in Indonesia, especially those playing in the rebel league. The possibility of all players in the rebel league receiving International bans has again been raised. Which would be a great shame for young players simply trying to make a living playing the game they love.

Deaths Expected to Result in Ban
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