De- Kleining Career

Australian tennis player Brydan Klein is a troubled soul of that there can be no doubt.

In June last year he was fined and suspended for racially abusing South African opponent Raven Klaassen at a London event. At the time he said he had learned his lesson and was determined to overcome his temper on the court.

This week we read that he launched a verbal attack on the tournament stringer at the Goldfields St Ives International tournament on Sunday, after he lost the final of the tournament. He also complained about the standard of the court.

Isn’t there a line that a bad workmen always blames his tools?

Last month Tennis Australia rightly withdrew his coaching support, it really is time this 20 year old grew up, or he will soon find invitations to tournaments will dry up. When you are ranked number one you can throw a tantrum, a la Mcenroe, but when you are ranked 236 it looks like sour grapes.

De- Kleining Career
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