Cycling’s Tandem Awards

Congratulations to the Cycling program at the Western Australian Institute of Sport, which saw two members of their program take out top awards when Luke Durbridge was crowned WAIS Junior Athlete of the year and Cameron Meyer the WAIS Athlete of the Year award.

Many felt that gymnast Lauren Mitchell was the favourite for the major award, however eligibility closed before the Commonwealth Games and her rich vein of form has continued since the games. She should be a front runner next year.

Both Cyclists were taking part in the Oceania championships so could not attend. Cameron Meyer’s father Ken accepted the award on behalf of his son and stole the night with one line.

He related how watching his sons compete earlier in the year another competitor’s parent asked how Perth kept churning out cycling excellence. “I told him it must be something in the water, although we are running out of water.” He paused and then said “But Colin’s onto that.” This comment referring to the Premier Colin Barnett, the Patron of WAIS who was seated on table one.

These awards are again testament to the fantastic team that has been assembled at WAIS and under Head Coach Daryl Benson. Our congratulation to all involved as well as the athletes.

Cycling’s Tandem Awards

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