Cup Run Its Course

Perth Glory once again won the Iron Ore Cup last night with their 4-0 demolition of Gold Coast United, but one has to say who cares?

This may have been a gimmick when it started and gave both owners bragging rights, but it has not created the great rivalry between the two teams everyone hoped, and neither does it have any meaning between the players or the coaches.

“We are playing for three points, that is all that matters.” One player said after the game last night.

It would appear that this is the case. In most sports it is the players who have done the business on the park who receive the spoils of victory, but following their first victory over the Gold Coast back in Round it was owner and Chairman Tony Sage who received the trophy and posed with it alongside coach Ian Ferguson; It would be interesting to know his thoughts having won ten Scottish Championships, nine International caps and been inducted into the Rangers hall of fame, to name a few awards he has garnered from the game. Last night it was Vice Chairman Lui Guliiani who was on the pitch with the cup.

The big question is, is there any point in continuing with the Iron Ore Cup? It would appear to be meaningless, and at the same time irrelevant in the scheme of a league season.

Hopefully it will fade into the background and become a trivia question in years to come, what was the first silverware Perth Glory won in the Hyundai A League? Certainly if the team can go all the way this season it will really pale into insignificance. Let us hope that is the case.

Cup Run Its Course
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