Cross Purposes

On the 26th of this month new Chairman of Football West Bob Kucera was quoted as saying “I’d like to see the people who play soccer, administer it and have enormous passion for it, convert that into professionalism.”

Yet three days later following the announcement in the West Australian newspaper that three time Olympic gold medallist Rechelle Hawkes has been appointed General Manager of Football, CEO Peter Hugg was quoted as saying “Some people may say she’s not a football person, but she doesn’t need to be, her job is not to teach people how to kick a ball. It’s to ensure that there’s an environment to allow others to be able to do their job to the ultimate level. “Quite what that entails is anyone’s guess.

What is a concern is that within three days, we have a complete contradiction between the Board and the CEO.

Small steps, it’s all about small steps!

Cross Purposes
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