Copy at your Peril

Any sports fan will know that it is no longer about just the game and the players, but merchandising and marketing which are big financial earners for those running the game. So woe betide anyone who tries to muscle in on this territory.

The IOC were hard on the case leading into the London Olympics and many who were looking to make a buck with unofficial merchandise were quickly shut down. The same was the case at the T20 world cup as the ICC finally start to realise the money they could be missing out on.

Police raids were carried out in Sri Lanka and one whole factory at Boramseluwa that was making replica team shirts was shut down. The ICC has said that they are desperate to protect the commercial rights of their partners but also the interests they claim of the general public. The thing is many members of the general public are opting for the counterfeit gear, because it is close to the real thing a great deal cheaper! This is a war they are unlikely to win on the subcontinent.


Copy at your Peril
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