Controversial Commentary Adds Colour?

The T20 Cricket World Cup winds up this weekend and one wonders whether it was all worth it. The early rounds were tedious and predictable, and appeared to interest many true cricket fans. It appears that T20 cricket is about individuals rather than the team, and by that we are referring to the viewers rather than the players. It would appear that those who do follow this form of the game watch for key individuals rather than following a nation.

Viewers in the UK have been able to enjoy a certain individual in the commentary box, Kevin Peterson. It seems strange to have a player still hoping to play for England in the commentary box, but we saw it when Shane Warne was suspended for a year and we have also witnessed it with the injured Quade Cooper working for Fox Sports rugby coverage in Australia. It would appear inappropriate but obviously the producers feel that it will add something to the overall presentation. It rarely does.

It would appear that this was the case with Kevin Peterson, of whom the Independent newspaper said ‘There was no deep tactical insight, some of his research was lacking, but he clearly understands T20 batting and willingly imparts his knowledge.”

Also on the airwaves were two disgraced Pakistani cricketers, former Captain Salman Butt and Aamer Mohammed on two different networks. Butt being billed as “Stopped from playing but not from speaking.”

Giving such jobs to the bad boys of cricket surely cannot help the already tarnished image of the game?

Controversial Commentary Adds Colour?
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