Coming Up or Staying Up

Football West receive criticism and praise on this website, and in the main the criticism is constructive.  One thing we have never shied away from is that they have an extremely unenviable task trying to be all things to all men and women in the game.

They face another possible time bomb, should Armadale and the Western Knights opt to withdraw from the All Flags State Premier League, and that is the question as to who replaces these teams in the Premier League next season?

There is an argument that Mandurah City should be re-instated as they finished second last, should one go. Which should mean that Cockburn City should stay up if two go down, then allowing two teams to be promoted from Division one.

Yet frequently we are told that the competitions must abide by the rules that were in place at the start of the season.

Football West has been extremely cunning in the wording of the Competition Rules by stating: “Football West reserves the right to restructure the All Flags State League at any time. “  They also state “Football West may alter, add to, clarify or delete any of these rules at its discretion. Any changes to these rules will be communicated to clubs.”

As the governing body they have the right to make the decisions that they feel are in the best interests of the game, the Standing Committees are supposed to guide them as to the feelings of the clubs and their members, however self interest can often stymie this process.

One of the roles that Football West has is promoting the game. We see this as an opportunity to promote the game.

Whoever wins the first division should by rights and as long as the club meets all the correct criteria be promoted.

Rather than looking after the “old School” Premier league clubs why not arrange a tournament between the two relegated teams and the teams coming second, third and fourth in Division one to fill the possible three places that will be available in the Premier league should Armadale and the Western Knights withdraw.

Some of the first division clubs deserve that opportunity as they are in some instants better run than their Premier League counterparts. Surely this way we ensure that teams that deserve to play in the top flight are there, and it would add interest to the league, as well as maybe refreshing it.

Balcatta and Bayswater City have both risen from Division one and shaken the Premier League, Balcatta breaking a three-club dominance of the past ten years to lift the Minor Premiership.

Surely such a play off system would be a winner for all concerned?

Coming Up or Staying Up
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