Coe to Climb in The Ring?

There are many who feel that Lord Coe has proven his admirable leadership qualities in delivering the Olympic Games to London. He has ducked some missiles thrown, parried a few problems and in under a month we will know if he has delivered the knockout blow that will see London’s Games a celebrated success.

It would appear that these skills have not gone unnoticed and the British Boxing Board of Control are keen to for him to take the helm of their organisation.

Last week 150 licence holders signed a petition to ask for the resignation of the current Chairman- President Charles Giles.

Boxing Promoter Frank Warren was one of them and made the following statement which in modern day sport could be applicable to several organisations. “I am not looking to bring down the BBBC, but we need a board with  strong leadership, transparency and a better understanding of the sport. I am sick of the way boxing has been administered for the past few years by a small clique who are out of touch with the sport and the TV landscape.”

It would be a tough job for Lord Coe, but Boxing in Britain hopes that is one he is up for.

Coe to Climb in The Ring?
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