Chasing Usain

At this point in time one has to feel sorry for athletes such as Usain Bolt as the incipient drip, drip drip of athletes caught out by improved technology and testing for doping, causes  many to start looking suspiciously at athletes we can only assume are ‘clean.’

Prior to the London Olympic Anniversary Games Usain Bolt was as usual the main attraction, and as usual he held court with the media with confidence and as those present described it, with ‘no pretence at modesty.’

Now 26 years old and in his sprinting prime bolt stated “I was made to inspire people, made to run. I was given a gift. I know I’m clean, so I’m just going to continue running and using my talent, that’s what I am going to do.”

He continued by saying, “if you’ve been following me since 2002 you would know I’ve been doing phenomenal things since I was 15. I was the youngest person to win the World Juniors. I ran the world youth record at 17. I’ve broken every record there is in every event I’ve ever run. For me I’ve proven myself since I was 15. I’m just living out my dream now.”

The sad thing is because of many around him looking for an added edge to bring their performances closer to his, there will always be some who question his natural ability. One thing is for sure Athletics cannot afford for him to ever be found to be taking performance enhancing drugs as it would be a massive blow to the sport at a time it is beginning to re-gain popularity.

Lord Coe has said that Athletics took a backward step halving the ban from four years to two for athletes caught cheating. Sadly many will take that risk for a two year break. The rewards now are worth it; although not in the same stratosphere financially as some footballers and basketballers.

Many athletes are now using biochemists to supplement their training and video sessions. These specialists do not supply chemicals but look at issues such as muscle mass being measured against an athlete’s strength and power.

Usain Bolt may well be on of those sporting freaks that come along every once in a while, and those who have followed his progress over the years are sure that he is, but sadly many of those he leaves trailing in his wake will look to any method possible to be able to run closer on his heels. The powers that be are working hard to catch them, but some will be insane enough to try.

Chasing Usain
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