CEO and Owner at Cross Purposes?

New Perth Glory CEO Paul Kelly gave a press conference in Perth this morning and has been reported as saying,  “We’re not locked in yet, so let’s get to the finals first and then we can look at that. When we are definitely locked in we will look at things like that,” when questioned about coach Dave Mitchell’s future.

Owner Tony Sage has repeatedly stated that Mitchell’s contract stipulates that if he makes the top six finals he will be offered a new contract for next season, to build on the improvement witnessed this season.

Yet the new CEO’s comments appear rather ambiguous, and imply that he may not be thinking along the same lines as his employer, club owner Tony Sage.

Just when it appeared the club was about to obtain stability administratively, could we be witnessing the opposite, with mixed messages such as this being broadcast? Hopefully not, and Mr. Kelly was simply not as careful with his choice of words as one needs to be with the media.

CEO and Owner at Cross Purposes?
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