Celebrations to Suit?

Not The Footy Show wishes Perth Glory good luck in today’s Grand Final, and whether they win or lose congratulates them on their achievement this season.

Sadly however once again you cannot help but feel that the club missed a great opportunity to re-engage the community which is supposedly what the 15 year anniversary celebrations were all about. As part of the celebrations earlier in the season fans were asked to vote who their best Glory line up was in those 15 years, and many of the club’s stalwarts were remembered and recognised; Yet only momentarily.

Would it not have gone a long way to showing that the club’s current administration is in touch with the club’s history and that those former heroes were still very much part of the club, had the club done everything possible to make sure that they were in Brisbane for today’s Grand Final? We wonder how many are reflecting on the fact that they were simply used as a short term marketing ploy.

It is a great shame that these players were not afforded a trip to Brisbane to be a part of this special occasion, and who knows lend some of their previous Grand Final experience to help those playing in such a game for the first time. Sometimes simple words from those who have been there before can make a big difference.

It is also sad that the club did not see fit to at least take Jamie Harnwell across to Brisbane, once they heard that he would not be used by Fox Sports at the Grand Final; a move that has surprised many Glory fans. Harnwell after all is linked to an agreement between Perth Glory and Football West to always be referred to by his current employers as ‘Perth Glory Legend.’ It is a shame that despite being referred to as such the club did not see any merit in flying him across as a guest of honour either.

Some feel that these servants of the club have seen their reputations exploited this season and are disappointed at the oversight to include them in the fantastic achievement of making the 2012 Grand Final. It is undoubtedly a missed opportunity and a great shame, but one that will no doubt be forgotten or overlooked should the team be victorious.

Celebrations to Suit?
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