Can We Play You Every Week?

Some players like to look at them every week, some more often and some never at all; League tables is what we are talking about.

As followers of the All Flags State League in Western Australia will know the NTC (National Training Centre) Teams are playing in the league this year but are not allowed to get any points, so the games are in reality a training run for the opposition.

What you would assume is that as a result of not being allowed to win any league points the NTC would be bottom of the league in each division that they play, but that is not the case.

As their goals for and against don’t count either, they are constantly on zero, so one would assume that they were destined to be bottom of the league. Yet, in the reserve competition Armadale have yet to win a game and have a goal difference of minus 48 after eight games and so they are in fact below the NTC.

But sharing this dubious honour is Mandurah City in the Under 18’s who have played 10 games and not won a game yet, – even though they have a talented 14 year old in goal for them – and have a goal difference of minus 57.

One has to hope that both teams can get a draw soon, to lift them off the bottom of both ladders!

Can We Play You Every Week?
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