Calling All Sports Fans – A Cry For Help

Michael Lynch, Senior Sports Writer at Fairfax

Just as we all have our favourite actor and athlete, so too do many have their favourite author or musician. Many sports fans also have a journalist they trust, admire and whose opinion they respect.

Sports fans in Melbourne and around Australia have for many years been fortunate to read articles written by The Age’s Michael Lynch. A very unassuming man, who loves his sport, loves his job and is not afraid to air an opinion.

The latter can be a risky thing in Australia. So many who flirt with the media, and we are not just talking sports people, do not like the media to have an opinion, especially if it is a negative or opposing view to theirs. That is why it is refreshing to read such articles, because in today’s world these writers are not concerned with the small matter of large egos, they care more about the bigger picture, a principle, a team, the sport itself.

Michael Lynch is a man who has dedicated his life to journalism. He is a man with principles, a man whose work I love to read. He is a man I admire and whom I am proud to call a friend.

Unfortunately life has dealt him a cruel, cruel blow.

His 23-year-old son Joe who was a talented footballer has to get to the US for very expensive cancer treatment. The cancer support charity CanTeen is running an appeal on his behalf as this is really the last chance he has to try to preserve his life.

Canteen are using Joe’s situation to lobby the Government to support drugs trials such as this.

Joe has been battling with Hodgkins Lymphoma for over seven years. He has exhausted all treatment options in Australia and this represents the best hope of preserving his life.

Alas, the American medical system is not cheap, and Michael and his family need to raise some $US600,000 to cover all treatment costs as he has no US medical insurance.

This appeal would not only help him, but thousands of other young cancer sufferers in Australia as he would, in large part, be acting as a guinea pig. If successful it could help persuade the Federal Government and other agencies to bring the trial forward here.

If every football fan who attends an A-League game gave $2 Michael’s family and Joe would almost reach their goal.

If you have ever read an article of Michael’s and enjoyed it please click on the link below

To read Joe’s story

To lend your support

Calling All Sports Fans – A Cry For Help
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