Bye Bye Losses?

The Emirates Western Force have started the last Super 14 season on a bit of a low with three losses, but could there be a change on the horizon this weekend when they take on the Queensland Reds?

You see The Force had a bye last weekend, and in the past they have won three of the four games they have had the week after the bye. Not only that last year they also played the Reds after their bye and they won 39-7 at Subiaco.

But the downside is the only time they have lost after the bye was in fact against the Reds in their opening season, when they sadly did not manage a win all season.

The other interesting feature of this weekend’s game is that in Super 14 history it will be the decider between the two sides. In four seasons both teams have won two games, and in the past four years those wins have favoured the home side.

It may be a psychological hill to climb, but with new recruit David Hill on their side the Force have a good chance as lets not forget the Reds have not won back- to-back games in Super Rugby since 2006!

Bye Bye Losses?
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