On 3rd July I posted a story entitled “No HIL equals Hockey In limbo,” which was picked up by many media outlets in India.

It would appear that some in authority were upset that news of an email sent by Hockey India to the International Hockey Federation advising them that there would be no HIL in 2018 had got out before they made an official announcement. The sending of the email has not yet been denied.

Following the running of this story attempts have been made to tarnish my reputation, which are both disappointing and spurious.

It has been said that the story was written because I was embittered as my contract with Star Sports had been terminated.

First of all anyone who has read any piece written on the HIL will have found that I have been a strong supporter of the tournament and the part it plays in International Hockey.

As for my contract being terminated, as a freelance broadcaster you are in the main employed from tournament to tournament. I can state that I have never had a contract terminated in 25 years of broadcasting; nor in any other form of employment.

Star Sports opted not to use my services for the HIL in 2017, and that is entirely their prerogative. After three years covering the event this was of course disappointing. However in their communication with me Star Sports were very professional and explained the reasoning for their decision, and I quote from that email their wish “to explore newer potential which can be offered to our viewer. I would say, this is the time we are experimenting & we would appreciate your support as you have always offered.”

Hopefully this may clear up the matter for any who were in doubt, and will prevent more untruths.


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