Britain’s Confused Coaching

We have to say that over the years we have heard of some strange coaching methods to bring the best out in athletes, but what is happening in the UK in the build up to the 2012 Olympics seems decidedly odd.

As we heard on the show the Australian Institute of sport was looking at athletes from one sport switching to another, Gymnast Alana Slater was trying shooting and rower Sally Robbins was trying cycling. Both cross-overs deemed ideal because of disciplines learned in their original sports.

In the lead up to the London Olympics it appears that Team GB has enlisted the help of winter Olympic Gold medalists Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean to assist in the coaching of the Rhythmic gymnasts.

While another Olympic skating Champion Robin Cousins has been helping out Britain’s synchronized swimming team.

Jayne Torvill believes that the involvement is in fact very natural, “Both are balletic and athletic, and you are doing routines to music.”

It will certainly generate a little bit of side interest at the games to see if the skaters’ involvement sees Britain finish higher than previously in both events.

Britain’s Confused Coaching
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