Boxing’s Chance

Whether you love Boxing or not, and certainly weather you love or hate Floyd Mayweather junior, you cannot deny that many people were talking about the sport.

Mayweather’s fourth round victory over Victor Ortiz was not without controversy, the head-butt, the knockout, and even referee Joe Cortez.

Mayweather seems to crazy not to have manufactured the persona he shows to the boxing world. He is unlikable. He can be cruel. He is also at times unbelievably immature. He is undoubtedly a boxing genius at a time when the sport is struggling to find fighters worthy of calling themselves World Champion. He has immense talent and that is why so many find his behaviour so objectionable.

Following this victory and with so much attention on the sport the sports promoters must sit down and work together and capitalize on this fact.

There are many that believe that Mayweather needed to win this fight, his first in 16 months to guarantee him possibly the biggest fight of his career sometime next year against Manny Pacquiao.

The reason he fought Ortiz a southpaw was to prepare himself for Pacquiao, but the way in which he won the fight, albeit within the rules is going make many question whether the much awaited fight will live up to expectations.

Manny Pacquiao will meet Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, and has stated that he will only have one more fight before retiring. Despite the on again off again nature of Mayweather meeting Pacquiao, it is believed Mayweather has been manipulating the situation so that he will be the last man to have a shot at Pacquiao, and finish the Champion’s career with a defeat.

It is the fight everyone wants to see, and with the current surge of feeling against Mayweather, Pacquiao could well be tempted to step in the ring and become an even bigger hero silencing Mayweather. It could also be the fight that gives boxing back its profile and some respectability.



Boxing’s Chance
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