Boxing Kangaroo on the Canvas

Sports administrators the world over must have a secret awards ceremony every year in which the body that makes the most ridiculous ruling wins the “Wally” award.

The IOC would have to be in which a chance of making the finals, with their decision to tell the Australian Olympic Council in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics to take down the Boxing Kangaroo flag. The reason being that it is inappropriate and too commercial.

The flag, which was created in 1983 when Australia won the America’s Cup, has become iconic, using one of Australia’s national symbols, with puffed out chest and boxing gloves showing both pride and a willingness to fight. Characteristics that have been recognised in Australians the world over.

The amazing thing is the AOC bought the boxing Kangaroo after the Americas Cup victory and made it a Commercial trademark. So an arm of the IOC actually owns the rights to the image, not some Johnny-come-lately looking to make a quick dollar.

We urge every Australian attending the winter Olympics to make sure they go armed with a boxing Kangaroo flag and wave it in the IOC face with pride!

Boxing Kangaroo on the Canvas
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