Bored with the Board

What is the point of the Football West Board updates? Surely they are supposed to inform the public as to what the board have been discussing. The latest by Henry Atturo, is not a Board update at all but a general operational update.

When you watch the video clip you will see that there are in fact only twelve seconds dedicated to board matters, (from 18secs-30secs) when he talks about the strategic plan. We are also told there is a new sponsor coming on board, but he is not allowed to tell us that, so why mention it? Surely this is kudos to Ben Fitzpatrick who is the Commercial manager, unless of course the board have played a part in this.

Telling us about Football with the Fuzz, Tanya Oxtoby’s appointment, Hall of Fame nominations being open and Swan United and Queens Park women winning their respective night series, when these have all been announced previously in press releases and on the Football West Website is a waste of time and resources.

These updates really are a complete waste of time unless they are going to use them to communicate to the public what is being discussed and plans moving forward. Why are we persevering with them?

Bored with the Board
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3 thoughts on “Bored with the Board

  • May 9, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    EXZR – sadly that is what we want to hear. These are supposedly professional business people, not all of them are ex Politicians from whom we expect smokescreens, it all seems a complete watse of time if they are not going to say anything and a waste of resources.

    Supersub – I think many people are asking that same question, but its is the people in football who put them there and the same people who can get rid of them.

    I believe the home of football is now all on hold until the Glory’s home is formulated and then FW will jump on the back. It looks like being at Curtin even thought UWA offered to build a building when Ron Smith was Coach and reconfirmed this last season.

    Since the Glory Review and the tie in with Hockey, Curtin looks to be the preferred option.

    As for the consultant I have no idea but will try and find out

  • May 9, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    This is an embarrasment and at least you are on top of them. What do these people do? How about a monthly update on this so called home of football Bob Kucera has been promising and working on for over a year?

    Can you shed any light on the person doing the Strategic report, heard she is a friedn of Peter Hugg and no tender process was conducted?

  • May 3, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Can you honestly imagine them discussing the minutes of the last meeting, or the open books, or how a decision was made or how they (on behalf of the members) disagree with an FFA directive ?

    Not likely !

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