Bloody Ec!

There are plenty of people who believe that F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has lost the plot.

That may be taking things a little to far but he certainly hasn’t enhanced his position with female F1 Fans.

It has been well documented that the 84 year old billionaire believes there is a place in F1, for women, , but mainly purely as adornments walking seductively along the pit lane. In this season’s memo to all teams he admitted as much.

To add fuel to the sexist fire he has mooted the introduction of a secondary series of Grand Prix for female racers. Is he looking for F1 to become an Olympic event, and that is why he has suggested such a move?

He is quoted as saying that the initiative would generate “a lot of publicity” and attract “a lot of sponsors.”

This is a far cry from the man who once described women as “domestic appliances.”

Not surprisingly he has angered many women with his comments especially FIA Commissioner – Motorsport’s governing body – and former rally driver Michele Mouton who was quoted as saying she was “annoyed and very disappointed.” However her comment that the “F1 audience is decreasing” apart from being cutting may well also be an accurate assessment.

Certainly Ecclestone’s comments will have done little to win over new female F1 Followers.


Bloody Ec!
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