Bless My Father

News that Lleyton Hewitt’s second daughter has been named Ava Sydney Hewitt, because as her dad says “we always had Sydney as a middle name. It’s a really nice connection to where she was born and also where we go married at the Sydney Opera House,” has made us start thinking if some of sports greatest playboys had created off spring, and some of the names they may well have ended up with.

Boris Becker’s quickie in the broom cupboard at the restaurant Nobu is a case in point, although he has just revealed that the consummation took place on the stairs and not in the cupboard.

LPGA’s Jackie Gallagher-Smith and her ex-caddie Gary Robinson after just two months on the job together, bunkered down together, although where has never been disclosed, but pregnancy resulted and a child. Could it have been the Belfry or Carnoustie?

There has been many a sportsman who was a ladies’ man, Brazilian great Garrincha is alleged to have scored off the pitch resulting in a daughter during the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, but we are pretty sure her middle name is not Gothenburg!

Bless My Father
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