Blatter’s World

There are many who believe that FIFA President is no longer fit to hold such a position and his comments overnight in relation to the charges laid by the English FA against Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, over his alleged racist comments towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra during their 1-1 draw last month

Evra alleges that Suarez abused him in a racial way over ten times during the match.

Blatter has gone on the record as saying that players may say something on the pitch to another player, but ‘at the end of the match it is forgotten

He went onto say ‘on the field of play deny there is racism.’

Mr. Blatter obviously lives in the purest little world on earth, one with no racism and no corruption, its time he took his rose-tinted glasses off or simply employed a guide dog with a more realistic view of the world of football.

Blatter’s World
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